Women deserve more then an ice pack. Use this natural and effective topical gel for pain relief.

Healing for pregnant women post labor

Restoration gel

Reformulated and finely curated


Formulated by Dr. JJ Pursell and once known as The Herb Shoppe's Comfrey Gel, this finely curated product for pregnant women post labor has been fine tuned as Restoration  Gel. Restoration Gel is organic and a natural approach to reduce pain and swelling while healing precious tissues of the body. Used cold or at room temperature, Restoration Gel brings instant relief and expedites healing.

Heal yourself - Heal your patients


Natural Organic Healing

Topical use only

For pregnant women post labor. Primarily used immediately postpartum directly on the vagina and perineum to calm pain, reduce swelling and heal tissues, but can be used on any wound such as a Cesarian.  Want to learn about our ingredients? Shoot us a message below and we can provide you with our professionally researched ingredient list. 

About Us


Dr. JJ Pursell is an herbalist,  Naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist, author, farmer, mama and wife. She created this product as a means to support moms immediately after birth. Naturally there is a lot of focus on the baby after birth, but we, as an American culture need to shift our focus to include daily care for our healing mamas. 


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